Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are intended to supplement those to which you and EINSOF GROUP INC. agreed in connection with the forgoing Digital Marketing Proposal.  Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Term of Agreement and Payment of Fees. This Agreement is for a term of 2 months and shall automatically renew thereafter on a month-to-month basis unless earlier terminated by either party by this Agreement. You and EINSOF GROUP INC. can renew the agreement each month on such changed terms as may be agreed to in writing at that time. Fees for the services to be rendered by and through EINSOF GROUP INC. are areas outlined in the foregoing Marketing Proposal.

Online Marketing and Advertising. You are and shall remain responsible for the content of any advertising, promotional, and other materials displayed or used in connection with the services contemplated by this Agreement, and you agree to indemnify and hold EINSOF GROUP INC. harmless from and against any claims by regulatory or legal authorities or third parties arising under or relating to that content.

Termination If you default on any of your obligations undertaken in this Agreement or for any other reason, EINSOF GROUP INC. shall on one month’s prior written notice have the right to terminate this Agreement and the Marketing Proposal, deliver all services paid for, and provide no further services.

Website Design and Development You understand and agree that the website and any graphics and programming code remain the property of EINSOF GROUP INC. until all outstanding accounts are paid in full.  You represent and warrant to EINSOF GROUP INC. that any text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished by you to EINSOF GROUP INC. for inclusion on the website are owned by you, or that you have permission from the rightful owner to use them, and you agree to indemnify and hold EINSOF GROUP INC. harmless against any claims, damages, costs or losses if you are in breach thereof.

Search Engine Optimization

You are and shall remain responsible for the content of your search engine listings, including any Google Places (Maps) and all other search engine results listings.  EINSOF GROUP INC. shall provide you with recommended content and work diligently to improve the position of your website listing and maps listing in the search engine results, but it has not guaranteed and cannot guarantee that your listing will show up in the results. Furthermore, you acknowledge that the search engines control whether or not a map or other listing appears in the results and what position. You specifically understand and agree that EINSOF GROUP INC. shall not be liable for any costs incurred, or compensation or loss of earnings suffered, as a result of or related to your listing moving lower on the results page or disappearing entirely from the search engine results, and you hereby indemnify EINSOF GROUP INC. and hold harmless from and against any such claims, damages, costs or losses.

Miscellaneous Any additions, changes, upgrades, or enhancements outside the specifications of this Agreement and the attached proposal are subject to further charges.

Any third-party advertising costs shall be in addition to the monthly package price as outlined in the attached proposal. You acknowledge that the third-party advertising cost is beyond EINSOF GROUP INC.’s control and is Your responsibility to budget for such advertising spend with the input and recommendation of EINSOF GROUP INC. You agree to pay EINSOF GROUP INC. the monthly advertising spend 1 month in advance. You further acknowledge and agree that EINSOF GROUP INC. reserves the right to charge monthly fees at any time providing 30 days prior written notice.

In no event shall EINSOF GROUP INC., be liable to the client for lost profits, lost opportunity, or any damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, punitive or otherwise, arising out of any service provided. EINSOF GROUP INC. shall not be liable for any error, omission, defect, or deficiency in any service or solution, which may result from, but is not restricted to, your failure to provide complete, accurate, and current information.

Copyright Warranty You represent and warrant that: (a) the use, as contemplated by this Agreement, of the material supplied by You as described in the attached proposal shall not infringe any copyright, trademark, trade secret, or another third party proprietary right; and: (b) there does not impede Your performance of its obligations hereunder.

You agree to hold EINSOF GROUP INC.  harmless from and against any claims and damages, expenses, or liability that arise from or in connection with Your website, content, or activities, including but not limited to, any legal attorney fees incurred by EINSOF GROUP INC. You, at Your own cost and expense, shall defend any actions, which may be brought against as a result of any action taken under this Agreement.  

This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed under the laws of Ontario.  The parties agree that any action brought by either party against the other shall be brought in Ontario and the parties do hereby waive all questions of personal jurisdiction or venue to carry out this provision.

No right or remedy conferred upon or reserved by EINSOF GROUP INC. is intended, and shall not be deemed, to be exclusive of any other right or remedy provided or permitted herein, by law or by equity, but each right or remedy shall be cumulative of every other right or remedy.

© 2021 EINSOF GROUP INC. All rights reserved.

Process for product development:

1- Complete the application form, remember to read and accept the terms and conditions.

2- A document will be sent to you that will serve as a reference to organize the necessary content and proceed more efficiently to the development of your web project.

3- Send all the content mentioned in the previously downloaded document:  digitalmarketing@einsofgroup.com

4- Once you complete the form, send the content to the indicated email and make the corresponding payment for your product, the development of the web project begins.

  1. Web project:

1.1 About hosting and domain: the website will have hosting and its domain. At the end of the development, the access key is delivered to the administrative area.

1.2 About content for the website:  For the delivery of the product, up to 10 images will be uploaded to the web and up to 5 videos, they must be previously uploaded to YouTube and you send us the links. Many more videos and images can be uploaded once you manage your website.

1.3 About the design for the web page: The design of the page is One Page (all on the first page). You can also request a traditional design (contact section, mission, vision, etc.).  You can integrate up to 5 sections, if you require another section, it generates an additional cost.

1.4 About content for E-commerce: For the delivery of the online store, up to 10 products will be uploaded (with name, description, price, category), 5 images, and up to 5 videos (they must be previously uploaded to YouTube and you send us the links). Up to 500 products, plus videos and images can be uploaded once you manage your online store.

1.5 About the design for E-commerce: The design of the store is One Page (all on the first page). In addition, you will have the individual sections of store, cart, account, and contact.  You can integrate up to 5 sections, if you require another section, it generates an additional cost.

  1. Commercial conditions:

2.1 On the beginning of the development of the project:

2.1.1 Production time is 15 working days (Not working days Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

2.1.2 Production hours begin at 8:00 a.m. on the day following the arrival of the application form and graphic information or supplies.

2.1.3 In case the form arrives, but the information does not arrive, we proceed to set up hosting and domain, but the hours begin the day after the graphic supplies arrive.


2.2 On the payment of the web project:

2.2.1 To start the development you must cancel the percentage agreed in the contract of the cost of the web project, the balance must be canceled on delivery, the counter-delivery of the project is with the information you sent to the mail:  digitalmarketing@einsofgroup.com and the application form.

2.2.2. If the client does not comply with the development process and the terms and conditions described in this text, no refund is made of the amount paid or of the registration and access of the acquired domain.

  1. About design changes

3.1 To request changes (once the product with the submitted content is delivered), the entire online store must be canceled.

3.2 You have 10 calendar days to request changes. You must send them to the mail:  digitalmarketing@einsofgroup.com

3.3 The changes you request, after canceling 100% of the project, we have 5 working days to make the. You must send them to the mail:  digitalmarketing@einsofgroup.com

3.4 If you require special functionality in the store, it may soever additional costs. Communicate this request to the mail digitalmarketing@einsofgroup.com

3.5 At the bottom of your website will appear the mark “Web design by EINSOF GROUP – Digital Marketing” if you want to remove it (white label) generates additional costs.

  1. About payment gateways.

4.1 The standard payment method for E-commerce works with your bank account details that arrive directly in the email of the end customer, once you make the purchase. Payment gateways are optional.

4.2 We do not make arrangements for acquisition or registration on payment platforms or gateways.   The payment gateways are a separate service and are not linked to the payment of the online store. We do not guarantee in any way that they will approve your registration request, in case of a refusal by the payment platforms this does not interfere with the payment of the web project.

  1. About hosting, technical support, and renewal.

5.1 If you own a hosting and domain, we conduct a pre-assessment to determine if the capacity is compatible with our requirements.

5.2 Technical support is for one year, however, it is unlinked when the customer independently and under his administration makes installations that generate errors. We are not responsible for these inconveniences.

5.3 The payment of the renewal is annual, according to the date on which the product was purchased.