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Einsof Connectivity is about connecting people with knowledge and wisdom. It is not only about fiber cables, and the so famous Triple Play, (TV, Telephone, Internet).

Our invitation is to take time to think and create together.

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We connect homes, buildings, offices, enterprises, to the internet, through fiber optics connections, giving the best quality and service.
The objective is to keep the people connected today and tomorrow and offer them a variety of essential services for daily life and business.
We can accomplish that by having the best internet providers and offices in the USA and almost in all South American countries.


Interconnect the largest number of homes, offices, and businesses around the world, regardless of territorial limits, breaking down cultural barriers and thus be able to integrate humanity.
Provide content that revives society without depending on political interests, creating a society with values, educated and cultured.
Educate people with what society needs, creating jobs and a meaningful way of life.

Einsof Connectivity will reach thousands of homes, our cables will be like branches of trees, trying to reach every possible home, but not only with a triple play, we will give CONTENT.



Our plan and goal it’s not about THE CABLE but THE CONTENT.
We will give much more than triple play, we will give you a platform that will allow you to control your home, and bring to your home what you need to have a better way of life.

Experience our wireless Internet service through your whole home with our reliable WiFi service.

Is an advanced home phone service that works on 100% fiber-optic network

We provide plenty of channel variety whether you’re in the city or the countryside.

Security Alarm Systems for Home & Business

Connect wifi cameras, our modular alarm system, or any conventional alarm system, and through fiber optics, we will provide you with the best alarm service monitored 24/7 at the lowest possible cost.





wisdom &

awesome content

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